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Building Collapse: Expert urges LASG to check building developers’ activities


A building expert, Rufus Akinrolabu has urged the Lagos State Government to check activities of building developers in the state.

Akinrolabu, the Managing Director, Bolyn Construction Company Ltd., manufacturer of brick blocks moulding machines, made the plea in Lagos.

The Bolyn Construction is at the forefront of popularising the use of stabilised laterite bricks, blocks in construction of houses to reduce cost.

According to him, building developers are the real problem as they can do anything to have quick returns for their investments.

Akinrolabu said it was developer that goes into building of shopping malls without proper approval.

“It is the developer that add extra floors on already existing building without checking whether the initial foundation structure will carry the extra load.

”It is also the developer that change the use of a building without permission, among others.

“As an investor, the developer knows how to cut corners and also short-change the system.

“Before you build a multi-storey building, you must get approved plan for the intended building and now, you are mandated to get soil test and the result submitted with the approval.

”It is also compulsory to engage professionals, architect, structural engineer and builder.

”The Lagos State Material Testing Agency will be present during the foundation laying to check the mixing of the concrete, casting of columns, decking floor slab and sizes of iron rods.

“The question is, do building developers obey all these beautiful intentions of the state government?” he asked.

Akinrolabu said that because of the high cost of building materials, developers cut costs and know how to get away with such behaviour.

He said that because the cost of iron rods were high in the market, developer reduces the sizes by using 18mm where he was supposed to use 16mm and 10mm

Akinrolabu said the same was applicable in the use of cement and blocks, adding that such developers would not also want to pay for the services of building professionals.

The expert said there were lots of corruption in the system, adding that as investors, the developers would want to maximise profit.

Akinrolabu said that buildings under construction were collapsing because of sharp practices.

No professional would risk being blacklisted by his professional body for not doing his job properly.

He called on the state government to properly scrutinise activities of the developers and stop them from going further foul in the system.

Akinrolabu said that Safety Commission Agency should be reintroduced into the system to lock up sites for non-compliance with safety regulations on sites.

He said the building control agency must ensure that work was discontinued on any site once it had been marked. NAN


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