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Climate Change: Nestle Employees Plant Trees In Abuja


In an effort to lessen the effects of unfavourable weather on farms and improve climate resilience, Nestle Nigeria employees have planted 1,000 trees in Abuja through the global employee volunteer network, Nestle Cares.

They participated in the tree-planting event at the Nestlé Dairy Demonstration Farm in the Paikon-Kore grazing area in Abuja alongside volunteers from the Convention for Business Integrity Innovations Nigeria Limited (CBiIL).
The project was a part of the events commemorating World Environment Day in 2024.

Speaking at the event, Victoria Uwadoka, Corporate Communications, Public Affairs, and Sustainability Lead at Nestlé Nigeria, highlighted the significance of the event during the tree-planting ceremony.”Every year, hundreds of Nestlé employees from around the country generously donate their time and talents to activities that positively impact local communities and the planet,” she said.

We are committing to taking action against climate change as a group and as a single Nestlé by planting a thousand trees today. Victoria added.

“This marks the beginning of more ambitious tree-planting campaigns as we accelerate action towards improving climate change resilience within our communities. We are grateful to have volunteers from the implementation partner of our dairy development program, CBiIL as well as representatives from the Department of Animal Husbandry Services of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) planting trees with us here today.”

Hajia Umma Abubakar, Director of Animal Husbandry Services Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), expressed her support, stating “We are thrilled to witness the collaborative efforts of Nestlé Nigeria and CBiIL, volunteers in planting 1,000 trees at the Nestlé Dairy Demonstration Farm in the Paikon-Kore grazing reserve. This initiative aligns perfectly with our vision for environmental conservation and demonstrates the power of collective action in building a sustainable future. The trees planted today will not only reduce the impact of climate change but will also be beneficial for the livestock.

“We commend Nestlé Nigeria and its partners for their commitment to climate action and look forward to further collaborations in environmental conservation.”


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