Home News Devastating Flood Renders Scores Homeless In Jigawa

Devastating Flood Renders Scores Homeless In Jigawa


A devastating flood has ravaged Kargo village in Garki Local Government Area of Jigawa State, displacing residents and destroying properties worth millions of naira.

The flood, which occurred midnight on Saturday, affected over 100 houses.

Residents of the village, who said they were caught unawares by the heavy rain, said the flood also contaminated their sources of water, adding that many residents were forced to seek shelter at nearby hospitals and schools.

The Kargo village head, Ali Mainasara, described the situation as serious, saying many residents had lost their livelihoods.

“The properties that were lost cannot be overemphasised. Many houses collapsed; and some residents are still trapped in their homes,” he said.

When the executive secretary of the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), Dr Haruna Mairiga, visited the village to assess the level of damage, he promised that government would provide the necessary assistance to the affected residents, and ordered his team to facilitate the construction of an embankment and emergency drainage to divert water in case of future flooding.

Meanwhile, residents have been advised to avoid drinking from contaminated sources and seek medical attention immediately if they experience any symptom.

The villagers also called on the Jigawa State Government to come to their aid in providing immediate assistance to the affected residents, including food, shelter, and medical attention.
Some of those affected also called on the government to take measures to prevent future occurrences.


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