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Ensuring stricter use of pedestrian bridges

Gabriel Enenche —

For road safety standards to be followed at all levels, it is expected of road users to build a significant working relationship with constituted authorities in safeguarding our lives, even properties on our roads. Keeping our roads and users safe, should be a priority for all, not just the government.

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Mornings and evenings are the busiest times of the day for many road users. It is that time when people are rushing out for work and the evenings when they prepare to go home.

In most parts of the country, it is difficult for many, most importantly, children to cross major roads because of the speedy nature of vehicles on daily basis. For years, it has been a source of concern for parents to ensure the safety of their children to and from schools. Mostly, low and average class citizens have the fear of exposing their children to the road constitutes danger.

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While observing people that try to cross the road, it is seen that motorists are reluctant to reduce their speed and allow those on foot to cross the road. Maybe, these drivers or pedestrians do not understand some of the road guides or signs we see on our roads like the Zebra crossing.

The main aim for zebra crossing is for the pedestrians to use when crossing the road. The rules of it are for drivers to be aware of, including pedestrians that whenever someone steps on a zebra crossing, any driver that comes must slow down for that person to cross. In the event of a crash where someone is hit by a vehicle, the driver is liable to be charged to court.

Many are of the opinion that kids shouldn’t be allowed to cross the road on their own. It is surprising to see some adults who are even parents standing beside kids, knowing fully that these children want to cross the road, they end up living them to cross on their own, it’s very terrible. This is a social responsibility for every individual to see to the safety of each and every person, even the disabled.

Lack of traffic lights also creates more chances of over speeding by drivers and riders, to the detriment of pedestrians.

Although, there are some pedestrian bridges built already, however, many are reluctant to make use of it but, prefer crossing these roads, some of which are high ways.

This piece is calling for stricter measures to be enforced and possibly, penalties for violators of those that default the use of pedestrian bridges. It is also calling for the government to build more of these in suitable locations that are easily accessible for pedestrians.


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