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Feratto displays polystyrene products for affordable housing


Housing solution provider, Feratto Industries Limited has brought to market an array of polystyrene products for affordable housing.

Feratto Industries Limited with a factory in Idu Industrial Layout, Abuja uses mainly polystyrene to produce Styrofoam/polystyrene products.

The products are: window hoods, suspended ceiling tiles, rosettes, polyslab deckings, panels, roof insulations, parapets, cornices, columns and polystyrene blocks.

Viewpoint Housing News reporters who visited the company’s factory on Monday were told that use of polystyrene is an advanced construction technology used in many parts of the world.

Mr Dada Sunday, Marketing Manager of Feratto Industries Limited said, “We produce blocks for building of houses and indoor fittings and decorations like flower vases. From these blocks we design window seals.”

He said the polystyrene ceiling tiles are heat insulators and even when in contact with water, there are no damages.

“When dirty, they can be easily washed,” Sunday stated.

He said the ceiling tiles are easy to install, to make the work fast, adding, “Most importantly, they’re cheap and affordable.”

He maintained, “Our products are suitable for every building process like the floor decking, corrugated roofing sheets, pillars, walls and so on.”

He said the materials are sound proof.



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