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Fire Service promises reduced response time to emergencies


Federal Fire Service (FFS) has promised reduced response time to fire emergencies in the country, saying it has acquired modern fire fighting equipment as well as digital applications in that regard.

The Controller General of FFS, Mr Joseph Garba Anebi gave the assurance Thursday in Abuja at the launch of two books written by him, A Concise Report of Fire Incidents from 2014-2018 and The Journey through Fire Safety: A Stewardship Account.

“We now have several fire fighting trucks, tankers and other equipment. We have developed an application that enables us track the location of a fire incident easily once you call us through the software application called FASAPP.

“There is also a smoke detector which when you install at home, as soon as there is a smoke, it will alert you and the Fire Service immediately even when you are far away from home.

“We have done all these things to reduce the response time to emergencies,” he said.

According to him, proceeds from the sale of the books would be shared to orphans whose parents died as fire fighters in the line of duty.

“We hope that by doing that, we would have complemented the efforts of government in putting smiles on the faces of the families of our deceased personnel who died in the line of duty,” Anebi said. Vanguard


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