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FMBN/Labor Unions completes worker’s estate in Adamawa State


By Echeburu Oby,

The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria and the Labor Unions has completed the worker’s estate in Yola, Adamawa state which started in 2018. The 100-housing unit project is located behind Shagari quarters, Yola town it comprises of 1,2 & 3 semi-detached bungalows and are priced at N3.1M, N6.8M, and N8. 3M respectively to suit the incomes of the workers.

The Estate was constructed under the first phase of the National Affordable Housing Delivery Programme, a special FMBN collaboration program with NLC, Labor union, TUC AND NECA with its aim of designing, building and the delivering of affordable houses to subscribers of the NHF.

The FMBN NHF mortgage loans are available to recipients with duration of up to 30 years packed for receivers at 6% interest rate. The estate is fully equipped with the necessary facilities like good roads, drainage system, portable water, electricity and friendly spaced.


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