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FMBN to deliever 5000 housing units in the next twelve years


The Managing Director/Chief Executive of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN), Arc. Ahmed Musa Dangiwa has said that the FMBN “will be delivering about 5000 housing units” in the next twelve months as part of its Mini-City Housing Development Program under the National Economic Sustainability Plan of the Nigerian government.

He said this in Abuja, at a sent forth Dinner for a retiring Director of the Public-Private Partnership Department of the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing, Mrs Eucahria Alozie, a Non-Executive member of the FMBN.

“The 5000 housing units is in addition to the delivery of about 2500 units under the labour projects”, Arc. Dangiwa said. He added that the bank has already delivered 1400 units under the Nigerian Workers Affordable Housing Program.

He also noted that the economic impact of the FMBN in advancing homeownership for the Nigerian workforce under the bank’s various housing pet projects, is progressing, he described it as “remarkable”. He praised the improvements made by the FMBN in terms of corporate governance and cost containment.

“From the institution of corporate governance, cost containment, debt recovery and improvement in turnaround time to technology development, we have witnessed considerable improvement in the bank and positive turnaround in its fortunes”, he said.

The FMBN boss later expressed his joy in witnessing the retiring of Mrs Alozie whom he described as a “critical member of the FMBN family”, he said her services to the country have been marked with “excellence, hard work, dedication to duty, loyalty and motherly touch of humanity”. He added that the FMBN management will continue to appreciate her invaluable services to the bank.


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