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House of Representatives to partner with FHA


By Echeburu Oby

Femi Gbajabiamila a speaker of the House of Representatives has stated that the House is prepared to work with the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) in order to deliver housing for Nigerians. He added that he is aware of the challenges that Nigerians go through when it comes to getting a decent accommodation over their heads, looking at the Nigerian housing deficit which is over 17million, it is of no news that Nigerians deserve the best in terms of housing.

The Managing Director of FHA and Senator Gbenga Ashafa, went on a courtesy call to Gbajabiamila on Tuesday, the Speaker said with the competence of the team, he is of the strong believe that they would take the organization to greater heights.

The speaker added that the present team, whose Managing Director, Senator Ashafa and the Executive Director, Business Development, Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin were previous members of the National Assembly and has a responsibility which they need to carry out meticulously.

We all know that a country can’t progress if its citizens suffer from housing problems, there will be no form of development in the country which will leave the country and its people at an undeveloped angle, remembering that shelter is vital to every individual. He went ahead to commend the team, that with great impact and dedication, Most Nigerians will have affordable houses over their heads. In other words the House of Representatives are ready to team up with you.

Prior, Senator Ashafa said they visited the Speaker to be acquainted and seek for partnership with the House, having been recently appointed and inaugurated.

Ashafa made a plea for the adjustment of certain aspects of the Act establishing FHA, which he said would make their work more efficient and effective.

“Recently we found out that some of the items under the Act needs to be worked on. It’s on this note that we visited and require the indulgence of the House.”


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