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Kaduna Sustainable Housing Development: Decoding The Kaduna International Housing Exhibition As A Model For Northern Housing Reforms


As Nigeria’s population continues to grow, the demand for housing and urban infrastructure is rapidly growing. Increased urbanisation necessitates more social amenities, housing and infrastructural developmental projects in Nigeria. The rapid urbanisation and natural population growth within urban areas will continue to be an essential demographic phenomenon shaping housing needs.

In real estate, for example, Nigeria faces an estimated 17 million unit housing deficit in urban areas. This will also necessitate the demand for more schools, supermarkets, recreational centres, and more corporate organisations amidst critical infrastructural deficit. Given growing demands for Housing which has multiplying effect on infrastructural development, the National Integrated Infrastructure Master Plan (NIIMP) has projected a cumulative investment of approximately $3 trillion for a duration of 3 decades to construct and sustain infrastructures. The master plan says Africa’s most populous nation must spend $150bn annually to achieve this target.

According to the GDP report released by the National Bureau of Statistics, it had projected that the construction and real estate sectors contributing N20tn to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product. The report showed that construction services earned N12.9tn while real estate contributed N7tn to the GDP.

Therefore, Real Estate has the potential to contribute about 20% of Nigeria’s GDP but unfortunately, less than 3% is been utilised. So, there is room for Improvement in the Housing sector, Real estate, property development and as such; the Kaduna international housing exhibition timely and rightly so.

Significantly, the countdown to the maiden edition of the Kaduna International Housing Exhibition continues and offers a unique platform as a premier housing event aimed at promoting housing trade and investment in Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria. It serves as a platform for showcasing housing projects, new technologies, and services while facilitating networking opportunities among industry professionals and policymakers. KADIHE welcomes a diverse range of attendees including real estate investors, property developers, government officials, housing policymakers, industry professionals, sales agents, artisans, and high-net-worth clients interested in housing and construction.

As a result, the Kaduna international housing exhibition underscore the need for sustainable housing solutions as there is no doubt that Housing as one of the basic necessity of life, will continue to be a sought-after Asset as a long-term investment choice for Nigeria’s economic prosperity across all Nigerian sectors. Fixing Nigeria’s housing deficit is not only about providing decent, quality, and affordable shelter to Nigerians. It is also about creating jobs, promoting inclusive economic growth, and alleviating poverty.

Furthermore, the Kaduna International Housing Exhibition 1.0 is set to attract over 5,000+ delegates annually, comprising real estate investors, property developers, top government officials, housing policy makers, industry professionals, B2B sales agents, skilled artisans, and high-net-worth clients; in addressing critical issues related to, Global Financial Collaboration for Sustainable Housing Infrastructure: Cooperative Housing Models, Mortgage Financing practices, Government Subsidies and Incentives, Construction: Skills Development, Local Content, and Modern Technology in Housing Development in Nigeria, Alternative Building Materials: Sustainable Material Innovation & Exploration.

The SUSTAIN Manifesto of H.E, Sen. Uba Sani, The Executive Governor of Kaduna State; covers Safety & Security, Upgrade of Infrastructure, Strengthening Institutions, Trade & Investment, Agriculture, Investment in Human Capital and Nurturing Citizens Engagement, Agriculture Housing: Rural Housing Solutions & Models, Climate Resilience and Adaptation: Examination of Strategies for Building Resilience in Housing Design and Urban Planning, Land Accessibility and housing production, Examination of Practices and way forward, Renewed Hope Agenda: Community Empowerment & Grassroots Initiatives to Promote Social & Economic Inclusion, and The Reality or Mirage of Energy Efficient Buildings are among critical framework for indepth discussion yielding sustainable solutions in the construction and housing sector.

However, it is imperative for Government at all levels across the Northern region, acknowledge the fact that their respective administration’s commitment to creating a government for all citizens which shall undoubtedly have a positive impact on the housing sector dominated by key players and critical stakeholders engagement to proffer sustainable solutions shaping the future of housing sector across the region.

Moreover, Governors as custodians of lands in their respective states except federal lands as stipulated in the Land Use Act, are expected to provide free land to achieve the said target of housing affordability for all through the provision of the most affordable housing project possible of which land is a major project cost/budget component. Therefore, the vast opportunities on the pipeline shall not be taken lightly by government at all levels, developers and investors, relevant built environment stakeholders and by extension the Northern Nigerian people. Hence, the need for all states and stakeholders to make and provide various proposed land allocation and see the reduction of housing deficit for project implementation.

In conclusion, it is assuring and fulfilling that the current management under the Kaduna International Housing Exhibition Ltd and Kaduna State Development and Property Ltd, the Kaduna ministry of housing and urban development; shall make that improvement within Kaduna state, Northern and nationally according to the Tinubu renewed hope agenda. While calling that such efforts shall be complemented by respective States’ key stakeholders of Housing and Urban Development in line with their Housing affordability and sustainability Agenda, address housing financing options such as Mortgage Financing, Cooperative financing, Rent-to-own, Housing Schemes, Save to own with STOW among others.

Be part of legacy building and impact for this historic event as either sponsor, exhibitor or participant, policy maker and professional, scheduled to take place at Umaru Musa Yaradua Hall, Murtala Square, Independence Way, Kaduna on the July 1st & 2nd, 2024 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily.

Bldr Ishaq Sani is a University lecturer, construction management specialist whose professional expertise as Construction Manager with Sandad Engineering Limited and supportive staff of the KADIHE, reinforced on the pillars of Building sustainability, Quality and Time management, structural stability and value for Money.


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