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N/East artisan wins Abuja expo star prize


North-east based Albert Yusuf Kada on Wednesday won the star-prize at the maiden edition of the Construction Artisans Awards and Jobs Skills Expo held in Abuja.

Kada who is based in Damaturu, Yobe State, got N1million prize.

Celina Idris who was Best Female artisan left with N500,000.

Those who distinguished themselves in the various construction trades were as well given medals and cash prizes.

The three-day event which brought together construction artisans from the various regions of Nigeria was organised by Construction Skills Training and Empowerment Project (C-STEmp).

According to organisers, Construction Artisans Awards and Jobs Skills Expo is designed to generate interest in the construction trades like: masonry, concreting and plastering, carpentry and joinery, welding and steel fabrication, plumbing installation, electrical installation, tiling and decorative stone work and painting and decoration.

Viewpoint Housing News reports that dearth of skills in the aforementioned trades has robbed many Nigerians of job opportunities as foreigners are often preferred.

Speaking at the close of the event on Wednesday , the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola reiterated the need for vocational skills.

He said, “This is really profound and defining for the future of the country. I thank all the participants. I congratulate all the award winners.

“For those who have won in the various sectors, I urge you to continue to self-develop, to improve yourself because the competition is waiting.

“It’s easy to get to the top but it’s much more difficult to stay there.

“You have participated in an event that you’ll never regret. Because all of the great nations that we want to be like have done something similar to what is happening today.

“America found its way out of depression by massive construction and building.

“After the Second World War, you might have heard of the Marshal Plan. That was how Europe was rebuilt.

“China’s claim to global strength came from the massive construction that took place in 1990’s and the Middle East especially in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia — are taking the same process.

“We’re constructing housing in 34 states. The only two states remaining are those we’re waiting to have land.

“Apart from housing and roads, there’s a massive rail project going on now from Lagos to Kano.”

According to the minister, Presidential Executive Order 5 passed by President Muhammadu Buhari will bring a lot of good to the artisans.

Presidential Executive Order 5 says any job relating to skills – building, construction, technical/vocational that a Nigerian can, priority be given to a Nigerian against a foreigner.

He emphasised that both conventional education and skill, technical, vocational education are of same status – non is superior to the other as both are needed.

Earlier, schoolchildren had a debate on which type of education is superior.



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