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Noise pollution: FCTA to remove night clubs, lounges


Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC) Coordinator Umar Shuaibu has exprerssed the council’s readiness to remove lounges and night clubs in residential areas to curb the menace of noise pollution in the city.

Shuaibu who spoke about noise pollution in Abuja on Friday said city residents’ complaints about noise pollution within the residential precincts are noted and AMMC through its various departments is poised to takcle the menace.

He said noise nuisance from lounges, night clubs and worship centres within the residential areas is in contravention of the extant statutes and city regulations.

 “The council has observed the increasing trend of conversion of residential buildings to lounge/night clubs and has taken several steps to address the situation.

“This is in recognition of the fact that the implications are beyond noise nuisance and also include intractable traffic challenges within the precinct.

“There is also negative social influence on the psyche of the youth resident in the area where these lounges are located.”

The coordinator said so far, the Department of Development Control has removed contravening structures at De Point Lounge/Night Club on Lingu Crescent, Wuse II.

Shuaibu said an order has been given for the demolition of lounges on Kampala Street, Cadastral Zone A08, Wuse 2 District.

He explained, “As a follow-up to this, and in order to ensure inclusion governance process to address this city management challenges, a meeting was convened on the instruction of the FCTA with majority of the night club operators.

“The operators include: Messrs Caramelo Lounge, Jorany Lounge, Xtacy Lounge, De Point Lounge, House of Freeda, Neiverder Lounge andMidnight Lounge all in Wuse II.

“The meeting was to enlighten the operators on how their lounge/night club activities amount to contravention of the city master plan.

“The meeting discussed the need to revert the use of the premises to their designated residential use.”

He said they were given 30 days to revert to designated land use of their respective premises.

“According to Clause 10 in the condition of Certificate of Occupancy, a developer is not to erect or permit to be erected or build on the said land buildings other than those permitted to be erected by virtue of this certificate,” the coordinator stated.


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