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Our housing products are tailored to suit needs of Edo people – MIXTA Nigeria


As subscribers queue to snatch the various housing types being developed in the 1800 Emotan Gardens on Sokponba Road in Benin City, the joint venture partner developing the estate, MIXTA Nigeria, has said that the estate’s unique selling point is its tailored products that meet the housing needs and aspirations of all classes of people.

Head, Business Development, Sales and Marketing, MIXTA Nigeria, Mr. Lawrence Korede-Salu, told journalists in Benin City, that the company provides housing for people in the entire spectrum, low, medium and high.

“We sell across the entire spectrum, whether it is affordable to mid-market and premium. as our slogan says, we build communities, that is what we do everywhere we go. Just as your fingers are different in size, in the community we build, everybody is represented. So, we offer different housing types to everybody within the community.”

He explained that MIXTA Nigeria’s partnership with the Edo Development and Property Agency (EDPA) has proven to be a win-win venture, with the growing interest of Edo people, home and abroad as well as residents, in the project.

He disclosed that MIXTA Nigeria’s investment in Edo State “which is in billions of naira, is stimulating economic growth in the state, as more Edo people are participating in the ongoing construction of houses in the estate.”

He cited the pro-business agenda of the Governor Godwin Obaseki-led administration as his company’s major attraction to Edo State, and assured that the real estate company is in the state for the long term.

“There are a range of things that attracted us to Edo.  I will touch on a few. For investment to come into Edo State, it is important to create a fertile, viable platform for such. First of all, the people must believe that the government of the day is upstanding.

“When they say something, they would as much as possible keep to their word on transactions with you, which is why you will go into a relationship with government on a long term. We intend to be here for a few years because we believe that the government of the day has said they would do something, and put things in place for the people and we have seen the commitment.

“We see the way they go about with their activities and that gives us the confidence to come here. When the government of the day asks us to take a particular parcel of land with the C-of-O, assuring that we will develop it together and that they would participate in one way or the other, we are ready to work with them,” he said.

“He further said: We understand that it has been well over 16 years since the last estate was built by government. So, this is a big thing. We looked at a number of things. Benin is not the first place we are building an estate. We know that the number of people who have uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters in the diaspora is huge. The remittance at some point last year was somewhere around N96 billion per month into the state.

“If we are to follow these numbers, verified or not, that alone offers a huge possibility and potential for anybody to invest in a state like this. So the time is right.  The government of the day is responsive, responsible. We believe that they have the intention of the people at heart and they have created a viable environment for us to come in, take root and offer not only housing, but jobs to the indigenes of the state.

“That alone offers us a lot of confidence. In fact, what we see since we have been here, is an increase in the number of people looking inwards. The government of the day has not stopped adding value. The more we stay, the more we are emboldened to stay and do a lot more here.The Nation


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