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Press briefing on the 2020 new land use charge law


Commissioner of finance at a press Briefing on the 2020 new land use charge law stated that ‘We considered the Land Use Charge reform very necessary to accommodate the agitations of Lagosians and reduce the financial pressure on citizens as it relates to Land Use’.

In 2018 there was an increase in Land Use Charge rate as well as the method of valuation of properties, this twin shock had a sporadic increase in Land Use Charge payable by property owners.

The current administration decided to review the Land Use Charge law by reversing the rate of Land Use Charge to pre-2018 while upholding the 2018 method of valuation.

The reform also considered multiple Land Use Charge payment channels and efficient customer service management by setting up a call centre in other to ensure prompt issue resolution.

some of the new provisions in the new 2020 Land Use Charge Law are the importance of LUC, and various channels available for payments. The percentage (%) increase in penalties for defaults in paying LUC has been reduced, another major sector that had its charge reduced is Agricultural sector, which annual charge rate for Agricultural land was reduced from 0.076% to 0.01%. This is an 87% reduction from the old rate.

Penalties for Land Use Charge for Year 2017,2018 and 2019 have also been waived. This translates to N5,752,168,411.03 potential revenue waived by the State. The penalty for obstruction of officials and damage to property identification plague has been reduced from N250,000 to N100,000

The penalty for inciting a person to refuse to pay LUC has been reduced from N250,000 to N100,000. LUC payment can now be made Online via https://Lagos.ebs-rcm.com .

The Ministry of Finance has expanded its Complaints Resolution Process and as such, Lagosians are advised to make complaints about their bills through these E-mail addresses; luc@lagosstate.gov.ng,OR citizensgate@lagosstate.gov.ng .

He further started it is important to let the public know that, the payment of LUC is not intended to inflict any hardship on anyone, we believe that we are all partners in progress and together, we can achieve a Greater Lagos of our dream.


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