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Quality affordable housing brings peace to a soul and atmosphere


Kingsley U.N Chikwendu

When the majority of a populace are homeless or do not have access to decent housing and environments, that community is still living in an archaic world, it is not yet developed or civilized. How can a mind grow when it’s in a poor environment? It will affect one’s thoughts and hygiene level.

We spend majority of our time at home, in fact, with our kids and when children that are brought up in poor housing environments, they will find it difficult to measure up with a good IQ. You cannot relegate the huge importance that housing plays in developing a man, his family and immediate environment. Quality affordable housing brings peace to a place, a soul and an atmosphere. With a clean environment, you can feel serenity within and outside you.

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For the Nigerian society to grow more than what the authorities had imagined or what is currently obtainable, the government is tasked with making housing affordable for the masses, especially the low income earners because, it will have a direct positive effect on their daily activities.

Ifyou don’t have a building, how would you set up a business or a platform where people can come and patronize you? Not just patronize, where would they be comfortable to have business or other related interactions with you? A structure has to be on ground first that you can name as your office or shop where your business activities are carried out.

Also, one sets out from the home every morning. If you want to go to your office, you cannot come out from the bush or just emerge on the road like that. There must be a place where you must have spent the previous night, where you had your bath and ate before coming out.  A house is an abode where you make plans for the day every morning, it is a foundation for the beginning of someone’s day. You can see the importance of housing to not just the fashion industry but, other businesses.

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So, once the government gets it right with housing affordability for residential and business purposes, it has huge positive effect on the economy as a whole. And if the kind of house you come from every morning is not decent with the right infrastructures, it may tell on your appearance or confidence once you step out.

Good housing environment with the right and basic infrastructures, breeds confidence on the residents because it works in tandem with the mind. The things the mind see, is what it hears and shapes how it can relate with the society and when one has gotten the ability to relate with his or her environment, it adds another dimension of growth to one’s life.


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