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Residents accuse woman of blocking Aguda canal


Some residents of Aguda in Surulere, Lagos, have accused a woman of blocking their canal, causing incessant flooding in the area.

They claimed that she had sandfilled the canal, with the intention of building on it.

A resident Mrs. Ebun Oseni, said the problem began in June 2017 when the woman, Mrs. Arinola Ogbara claimed that the canal was on her mother’s land.

“I did not know this woman before; neither did I know her mother. I saw her for the first time in this community when she came to begin work. She told me that the land belongs to her mother, and I replied that the place is not a land but a canal. I asked her how a canal would belong to her mother, but she insisted that it’s her mother’s property and not a canal.

“She had a meeting with the community and insisted that the place is a land and it belongs to her mother. She showed us the documents, including the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O). But I don’t know if they are genuine or not.  We asked her what her plan was for the community, because whenever it rains, our area is usually flooded. She said she has a plan, explaining that she will get those who will take care of our gutters. We told her she is free to go ahead with what she wants to do. She thanked us and agreed to comply with the agreement.

“Mrs. Ogbara later began sand-filling the place without fulfilling her promise. Since then, whenever it rains, our community will be submerged by flood.”

She alleged that Mrs. Ogbara’s workers were always accompanied to the site by armed uniform men.

“This woman feels she is doing the right thing. She claims the Ministry of the Environment is aware of her project. We have complained to the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development and Governor Akinwumi Ambode, to no avail,” Mrs. Oseni said.

But Mrs. Ogbara insisted that the land belongs to her mother.

She said: “The land was purchased by my mother in 1972. She obtained the C of O in 1994. It was purchased twice. The first purchase was from Wahab Irawo and family and the second was from the Jokotade family. We have the C of O, agreement and even the receipt my mother used to buy it.

“When my mother purchased the land, she sand filled it. But it costs a lot of money to sand fill it, so she could not complete the sand-filling because she needed to send us to school.

“We have appealed to the community that they should come together and look for a solution to the flood problem, but everybody has refused. They said I should go and do it, but I cannot afford to fix the drainage for the entire community.

“The Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development have invited the community to a meeting to find a solution to the problem, but the residents refused.” The Nation


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