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Royal Ceramic enthused after 20 years at ArchiBuilt


Marketing Manager of West Africa Ceramics Limited (WACL) Shakti Mohanty on Thursday expressed satisfaction, having featured at ArchiBuilt in the last 20 years.

Speaking with Viewpoint Housing News at the close of this year’s ArchiBuilt in Abuja, Mohanty said his company has succeeded arousing the interest of building professionals with its products.

WACL is a local marble producing company based in Ajaokuta, Kogi State.

The Marketing Manager said, “They [professionals] have really been amazed by the new development.

“Most of them know us since long. They know that the old royal has become new. And we’re able to surprise them with our new products.”

He was happy that WACL came to Archibuilt with new products.

“Royal Engineered Stones, our new designed tiles. We unveiled this Royal Engineered Stones manufacturing facility last month which manufactures 4,000sqm of marble per day.

“We’re employing 1,500 Nigerian workers in our new facility which is an addition to the 2,000 Nigerian workers  we employed in our old ceramic unit,” he said.

According to Mohanty, the newly engineered stone is artificially designed and manufactured marble; and unlike the natural marble, it is first of its kind.

“It’s longer lasting than the natural marble, more durable and easily maintained — maintenance is the key.

“Natural marble, you lay for one or two years, it may fail the top surface. But here, you can just polish the top surface and it becomes as new. It’s our biggest advantage,” he explained.

He said those who came to see his products were mostly architects who are the key stakeholders in the building industry because they’re the ones who specify our products and use them in the built environment.

“So it has been very good. Since 1998, we’ve been participating in ArchiBuilt,” he stated.


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