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The need of affordable houses in Guzape Extension Abuja


By Jummai Abu

Guzape (Asokoro Extension) is the only developing district in phase 1 of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, where the low and high classes reside, with the land being quite green and hilly in nature.

This factor has contributed to the relatively late development of the area.

A visit to Guzape extension which is mostly known as a place for the rich, the area is presently a hotspot for real estate investment; knowing fully well that the district is now developing at a fast pace.

Speaking to a resident of the community on the condition of anonymity, he said it is a good thing to have an area like this with a development that goes hand in hand with the growing population of the area, with a beautiful landscape and the peaceful atmosphere which has made it an increasingly desirable place.  

Houses built in this area have some of the most beautiful architectural designs in the whole of Abuja with good security coverage; these have made the prices of lands and houses very expensive.

 The low income earners cannot afford houses in the area, the average price of houses ranges from 552,000 000 to 241,000,000 Naira.

 The most expensive is about 241,000,000 while the cheapest is at the range of 552,000,000 Naira.

 He further said that some of the houses are empty because most people cannot afford them, the housing sector needs to do something urgent about it; he added

Our reporter went further to visit the Guzape community which is also located at Asokoro extension, where the low income earners settle. In this community, the poor and the wealthy exist side by side but are divided by high fences.

The low class in the area live in dilapidated buildings and lack access to basic facilities such as healthcare centres, accessible roads, potable water and security among  others.

Our reporters revealed that a single room is between the range of 40, 000 to N50, 000 Naira. However, kitchen and toilet facilities in such houses are usually shared.

 It was also observed that some of the single rooms in the community are occupied by families of 4 to 6 persons, just as some of the buildings were found not to have provision of toilet or bathroom.

Speaking with one Mr Williams who resides in the community, he spoke about the level of insecurity in the community, He said the only place that have good security is the newly developed area, “Which has a police outpost here, but the officers are few and should be increased’’.

‘’We take safety measures against crime by restricting movement at night. The Government   need to come to our aid in the aspect of security around Guzape and Kpaduma  (II) of Asokoro Extension. Criminal activities in the community are getting worse and they need to be restricted as soon as possible. We also lack the facility of a government school. In this modern time when people make use of education to better their lives, many of us simply stay in ignorance because of the high cost of private schools.” he stated.


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