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Town Planners Demand Action On Abuja Flood Challenges


The Nigerian Institute of Town Planners has urged the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) to address the recurring flood challenges in Abuja, especially evident after heavy rainfall recently affected Trademore estate in Lugbe.

Nathaniel Atebije, the National President of the institute, while briefing newsmen in Abuja, said the inadequate drainage system in the area was a primary cause of its vulnerability to flooding during the rainy season.

Atebije said, “We particularly emphasize that the Federal Capital Territory needs to take decisive measures on disaster preparedness and management.

“Actions designed to solve the flood problem are impeded by court orders at the expense of human lives. What value do we place on human lives as a nation? Can the value of that whole estate be equated to the lives lost?”

He emphasized the need for improved infrastructure and disaster response strategies to mitigate the impact of floods on residents’ lives and properties.Atebije also advocated the inclusion of town planners in metropolitan development boards to enhance cities’ planning frameworks.

He suggested engaging professional physical planning consultants to develop and implement robust urban plans that consider environmental sustainability and disaster resilience.He also called on the federal and state governments to commit sincerely to preparing and implementing comprehensive physical development plans.


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